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So, I finally decided to redo this section, it’s been too long and I feel like in the last version you really didn’t find anything out about my style or approach. I don’t really like talking about myself too much, but I guess since you clicked on this tab you do want to know a little about me :)


First off, I’m glad my name didn’t scare you away, haha! I know the Z throws most people off :) And no worries, I don’t expect anybody to be able to pronounce it, if anything, I find it kind of amusing to hear people try to say it, so no worries … you are and will not be the only one that will have troubles :) I’m sure you are curious where it came from, I was born in Poland, but grew up in Switzerland where I met my wonderful husband. :)


A little about myself. I have a great passion for photography. I guess I took pictures my whole life, I was always the one behind the (newest) camera and I always loved taking photos of my classmates / friends / co-workers and eventually clients. As clear as my path seemed to be, I decided to try to pursue an architecture degree first (I do still have a huge love for beautiful modern design). It took me a few years to realize that I was actually meant to be a photographer and eventually turn my hobby into a little business that I love so much :) 


I love working with people, I love making them smile, listen to their stories, be part of somebody’s biggest day, welcome new family members and I love combining my passion with beautiful outdoor places and architecture. Most of my clients turn into friends in the process … no worries, I won’t be calling you on Saturday night, I have a little family of my own (3 wonderful girlies, a dog and a hubby that keep me plenty busy during the day), but I always enjoy treating my clients like old lost friends, I try my very best to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so getting your photos taken is a nice experience for everybody – even for (future) hubby, which we all know would rather do something else :) I love being silly for and WITH the kiddies, so be prepared for a good time :)


I hope my portfolio speaks for itself. I have bit of a mixed style, I do pose my clients (hey, nobody was born a model!), but real hugs and smiles go so much further. I also love sharing (especially funny) candids from our shoot. Who would want to toss some sillies? Having 3 kiddies myself I know how important photos are. They grow so fast and it’s hard to freeze time. I don’t like setting a max number of photos I’ll share with you for exactly that reason. I will give you as many photos as I can, as I want you to remember the different smiles & expressions. At weddings I usually take well over 3000 photos - I will share at least 2500 as everybody has a different favorite smile, I don't want to be the one picking. Everything will be touched up, well exposed, color corrected, the skin will be nice and I’ll make sure all the walls are straight and any bold grass spots are taken care of ;) I want you to trust me to do my very best and feel well taken care of.


I don’t like chasing my clients and make them order prints, your galleries will be up as long as I can keep them online (my oldest galleries go back to 2005!). You get all (well most) the digital files, and I hope you will order prints, but it’s not up to me to make that decision for you. 


I am easy to reach via email whenever you want to book your session, or if you have any questions regarding a possible shoot or if you want to getprints, I’ll be very happy to help. :) If you are interested in booking your wedding with me, I would love to set up a Skype meeting (I know, I hate them too...) if we are not in the same state/town. I think brides/couples should pick very carefully the person for their big - this is not just about the photos, it's about connecting with somebody that you will spend the best day of your life with, you want to click with that person. :) 


~ Agnieszka (ag-nee-eshh-kah) :)